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Lanchas del Sur S.A. and Amarradores del Puerto de Bahía Blanca S.C (Sister companies united by the same share package) are registered in the Official Register of Companies in Argentina Coast Guard, in the items 'Maritime Services','Mooring', 'Solid, Liquid and Sludge Waste Colecction' and 'Oil Spill Response Organization' which enables it to operate in all ports and waterways of the country without distinction of jurisdictions.

Main Office

More than 50 years providing maritime and environmental preservation services.
Qualified and registered in the Register of Companies of Argentine Coast Guard as Company Collecting Solid waste, Liquid and Sludge and Control Company for Oil Spills, valid to operate throughout the National, Provincial or Municipal Port Jurisdiction. (Resolution 714/2010, Section 3, Paragraph 2.3.4.).
Registered on Environmental Office of Argentine Coast Guard as Company Control Oil Spills -category Maritim3 A-2, according Ordinance N° 6/94 (DPSN) Article N1 subsection P.
Among our most important clients, is the Management Consortium of the Port of Bahia Blanca, and within this Port Facilities as TOEPFER, Louis Dreyfus Commodities - Cargill, Cia Mega, North Patagonia, to name the most prominent.
Outside Bahia Blanca, we serve MCC - Minera Sierra Grande S.A. (Sierra Grande - Rio Black Prov.) and eventually Sitio Cero S.A. in the Port of Quequén (Prov. of Buenos Aires).
With our strategic partner, CINTRA SRL, also serve operations of OILTANKING EBYTEM SA, as a spill control operations company for crude oil single point mooring Punta Ancla and Punta Cigueña, as well as the Secretariat for Port Activities of the Province Buenos Aires in Puerto Rosales terminal and Glencore Group, MORENO in Puerto Galvan (Bahia Blanca).
To all of them, we provide coverage in the management of the National Contingency Plan as well, as to provide coverage under the rule of Ordinance No. 02/14 (Volume 6 -Environmental protection Regimen-) BOOMS DURING LOADING OR UNLOADING OF PERSISTENT HIDROCARBONS, ORGANIC OR MINERAL ORIGIN, IN PORTS, TERMINALS, PLATFORMS AND SPM.

Our Services

Liability, Efficiency and Transparency.
Company qualified as Operator Port Waste. ( File Senasa No S05: 001392/2015)

  • Oil Spill Response Organization

  • Mooring / Unmooring Vessels in Bahia Blanca Port, Rosales Port, Puerto Belgrano Naval Base and SPM of Punta Ciguena and Punta Ancla

  • Handling Cargo of Oils and Liquid fuels

  • Owners of our own fleet of vessels, boats, floating crane and pontoons

  • Liquid and Solid Waste Collector

  • Slop: Off Shore and In port Slop discharge with coordination for final disposal

  • Salvage and Diving

  • Service of Protection of the environment (Includes rescue of Birds and Marine Mammals)

Other Services

In addition to the certificates issued by the Argentine Coast Guard, under the scope of application of the Maritime Ordinance No. 06/94 (DPSN) we provide the following services:

  • Technical advice in Safety of navigation and environment
  • OSRO.
  • Boat service for transportation of provisions, spare parts or personnel
  • Pontoons and floating crane
  • Underwater inspections of hulls, maintenance of anchoring systems and inspection of propellers (Hub and Polish)
  • Rental and placement of Gangways
  • Discharge to ground of polluting liquids or harmful noxious substances (in port and / or off shore)
  • Rental of floating marine defences (Yokohama type)
  • Mobilization of STS equipment (In port or Off shore Operations)
  • Connection / disconnection of cargo hoses in ship-to-ship (STS) at port or off shore operations

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Main Office.
3774 Admiral Brown (B8103FHN) Ing. White
Buenos Aires Province, Argentina
Ph: +54 291 4571306 or +54 291 4570949
For English assistance:
Ph: +54 291 6434113 or +54 291 6434112
Email: info@lanchasdelsur.com
Website: www.lanchasdelsur.com
Linkedin: Lanchas del Sur S.A y Amarradores del Puerto de Bahía Blanca