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In 1949 the Amarradores del Puerto de Bahía Blanca company was born, dedicated at the time to mooring and untie ships in the local estuary. As a result of industrial growth and its consequent demand for new port services, in 2005 the same corporate group created Lanchas del Sur S.A.

Today, Lanchas del Sur provides services in all the port operations of the local port and other important ports of the country.

For experience, professional excellence, solid management and organization, it has been moving towards new perspectives of work providing comprehensive services for the care and preservation of the environment.

Provide maritime services in the port field, with excellence in quality, safety and environmental care.
To be recognized as an innovative and outstanding company in the port field and in the care and preservation of the environment.
The values that guide our actions are:

Commitment to quality: We are oriented towards the process of continuous improvement of the services we offer.

Leadership: We provide these services by pursuing excellence, and seeking to be leaders in the port field.

Customer Orientation: We dedicate our efforts to know and meet the needs of our customers, providing them with a quality service that meets their expectations.

Social responsibility: We take actions aimed at the preservation of the environment, promoting sustainable development, awareness and a proactive attitude in initiatives that promote this commitment.

Environmental preservation.

The beginning

We go back to the origins of our company, which with great effort and passion, continues to fill us with pride and honor our ancestors.

It was 1949, when a group of Italians came to the Port of White Engineer to hold on to a new life, away from the war.

Fishing by profession, with rowboats, they began to dedicate themselves to mooring and disarm ships.

Industrial growth favored the development of new infrastructures and machinery, which made the task more complex. Betting on growth and with a marked vision for the future, the first motorboat was commissioned, the “Admiral Brown”, which, imposing for those times, was the first vessel with such characteristics in the estuary of Bahía Blanca.

Today, 70 years later, we continue to tie ends to continue to tie ourselves to this project that with so much effort and dedication, knew how to create our “nonos”.

We, the new generations, are responsible for preserving these traditional port services and generating new ones adapted to current demands and environmental care, with the strong social commitment that our grandparents instilled in us.

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Almirante Brown 3774, Ing. White, Bahia Blanca, Bs. As., Argentina (B8103FHN)

+54 (0291) 457-1306
+54 (0291) 457-0949

Emergency responce:
+54 291 642 4112
+54 291 441 9078

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