Services and Enablings

OUR COMPANY is certified by the Argentine Naval Prefecture in accordance with the regulated Maritime Ordinance 05/99 (DPMA), as OF OIL SPILLS RESPONSE ORGANIZATION.

It also has facilities where it develops waste conditioning tasks from abroad, being the only environmental company in the city that has authorization granted by the National Service for Health and Agricultural Quality (SENASA), within the framework of Resolution No. 714/10 “NATIONAL PLAN TO PREVENT THE INCIDENCE AND TRANSMISSION OF PLAGAS AND DISEASE THROUGH RESIDUES REGULATED FROM OUTSIDE”, in accordance with Resolution No. 65/14 of the Agency for Sustainable Development of the Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Services we offer

Control and prevention of spills of hydrocarbons and other chemical substances

Contingency Plan elaboration

Environmental Advisory and Consulting for the development of new projects and/or reconditioning of Port Sites

Salvage and diving operations

Ship mooring and unmooring in the ports of Bahía Blanca, Puerto Galván, Puerto Rosales, Puerto Madryn, Sierra Grande and other national ports

Maritime ambulance service for crew members evacuation with medical assistance

Slop Retreat - Sludge - Bilge Water

Boat services to transport people and/or to transport material and/or equipment, pontoons and crane pontoons (from 60 tons, etc.)

Scale rental

Sea defenses rental (Yokohama types) for STS Operations and Port Operations

Connection and de-connection of cargo hoses in Ship-to-Ship (STS), port or off shore operations

Land and maritime equipment rental to respond to environmental emergencies

Anchorage systems maritime maintenance of SPM Punta Ancla and Punta Cigüeña, located next to Puerto Rosales (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Ship waste unloading according to the regulations of the National Service for Agri-Food Health and Quality, in accordance with other International, National and local regulations

Lubricating liquids transport in drums or special containers

Pumping Operations

Other port and maritime services


Prefectura Naval Argentina has certified LANCHAS DEL SUR S.A. in the following activities:


MARITIME A.1 - Oil Spills and other harmful substances control, and other potentially dangerous substances (according to Ordinance PNA 05/99 DPMA Volume 6 - Ordinance PNA 8/98 DPMA Volume 6 and Ordinance PNA 4/14 DPMA Volume 6 )


Mooring Company (according to Ordinance PNA 06/94 DPSN Volume 2)


Salvage and Diving (according to Ordinance PNA 04/08 DPSN Volume 2)


Lubricants and Fuels transfer (according to Ordinance PNA 06/94 DPSN Volume 2)


Pumping service (according to CUDAP rating. EXP.PNA S02 N ° 53980/16)




Solid Waste and Sludge Collector (according to Ordinance PNA 06/94 DPSN Volume 2)


Slop landing operations - Sludge - Bilge (Ordinance PNA 06/94 DPSN Volume 2)


Site 11 Puerto Galván - Enabling PBIP - PNA (Ordinance PNA 06/03 DJPM Volume 8)


Puerto Rosales - Enabling PBIP - PNA (according to PNA Ordinance 06/03 DJPM Volume 8)

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Almirante Brown 3774, Ing. White, Bahia Blanca, Bs. As., Argentina (B8103FHN)

+54 (0291) 457-1306
+54 (0291) 457-0949

Emergency responce:
+54 291 642 4112
+54 291 441 9078

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