Happy Animal Day!

The Guillermo "Indio" Fidalgo Marine Wildlife Rescue Station (ERFAM), was born in April 2017 as a result of a strategic alliance between the company Lanchas del Sur, the Port of Bahía Blanca Management Consortium and local professionals with extensive experience in the management and conservation of biodiversity.

Among the latter are biologists, veterinarians and rangers, who have been working on the care and recovery of marine animals for several years, both in Argentina and abroad.

In the absence of wildlife rescue centers in the region (this is the second with these characteristics), and the need for a space for rescue and treatment arises this possibility of joint work.

However, ERFAM also aims to develop a non-formal environmental education programme that addresses the environmental issues of the sea and its inhabitants.

Finally, a space is also being made to receive visitors and that is inserted as an ecotourism alternative that articulates with the local and future offer on the coast of the estuary of Bahía Blanca.


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The rescue station is officially part of the Marine Wildlife Rescue Network of the Province of Buenos Aires.