Welcome Leandro Marbán!

Welcome to Leandro Marbán, our new coordinator of the Areas of Conservation and Community Linking.

Leandro was born in the city of Bahía Blanca 34 years ago, received a biologist at the National University of the South and later, as a member of GEKKO (Group of Studies in Conservation and Management of the Department of Biology, Biochemistry and Pharmacy), developed his doctorate, which is in completion stage. His research work focused on the ecology of biological invasions, working with a kind of exotic plant that invades the breeding sites of the threatened Cangrejera Seagull in the Islote Del Puerto Nature Reserve. His relationship with the estuary arises when he "discovers" it during his undergraduate studies and since then, in a constant rediscovery, through photos, from the coast and more recently navigating his canals and from the air. He has also collaborated on numerous local conservation projects.

Since 2008 he has been a volunteer at the Pillahuincó Botanical Garden, in Prov Park. E. Tornquist (being in charge and guide during 2012/13), founding member of the Bird Watchers Club "Loica Pampeana" / Aves Argentinas (serving as coordinator since early 2019) and member of the Technical Advisory Commission of Emblematic Species of the Partido de Bahía Blanca. He is currently studying in Biological Sciences.

His fields of interest are conservation biology, responsible consumption, environmental education and scientific dissemination.

Leandro will be in charge of promoting the conservation objectives of endangered marine species, the environmental education program and the transfer and community participation actions of the Guillermo "Indio" Fidalgo Marine Wildlife Rescue Station. Without a doubt, its incorporation will help strengthen our team to meet the conservation challenges of the White Bay estuary ahead.

Pablo Petracci
Director ERFAM

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The rescue station is officially part of the Marine Wildlife Rescue Network of the Province of Buenos Aires.